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Book I 637-642
Tamen interno palaca je lukso brilegas kusxanta
Dido en cxambro; regxina preparis festenon belegan
kaj sxi atendas amatan Eneon cxe tabloj kun arte faritaj
tukoj purpuraj kaj vazoj argxentaj, oraj tasegoj de vino;
zorgas regxino cxu li sxin komencus kore amigxi.
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Hello your back, yay!
Ah, Dildo & Anus (ok, you've probably heard that so many times its not funny any more)
Hope you're doing well at college, you should be nearly finished by now I'd of thought.
Why are there loads of x's in it? I understand it, but having not studied latin formally since I was 12 I don't get the x's thing. Or is that not latin, but something wierd like esperanto & I'm just druk enough to get the roots. Far too many j's also.
Good guess! it is indeed Esperanto, and not Latin :)

I would be almost done with college, except for the whole problem of not having the right credits to graduate just yet... so I'll be at it for a 5th year next year (let's hope it's the last)

the x's mark circumflexes on consonants that are hard to type. It would probably make more sense to use h than x, but that is the convention. The plural in esperanto is in -j

what's up?